Welcome to Imagine Pediatric Therapy.


Caring Services for Children with Special Needs.

Welcome to Imagine Pediatric Therapy.

Does your child need Occupational Therapy?

Do you notice your child having difficulties with day-to-day activities at home, school, or in the community? Do they experience challenges that do not affect most typically developing children?

Our Occupational Therapy services support your family when you experience difficulties in these areas and more as outlined here... see more

Does your child need Physical Therapy?

Do you notice your child struggling with their physical development and motor skills? Have problems with physical activities come up following an injury or illness? Do they have a disability or health condition causing delays?

Our Physical Therapy services are specialized to handle these difficulties as well as a wide range of conditions outlined here... see more

Does your child need Speech Therapy?

Do you or other people have difficulty understanding your child? Do people think your child is younger than they are because of the way they speak? Are they using fewer words than other children their age?

Our Speech Therapy services will help your children overcome potential feeding, speech, and language development issues like those outlined here... see more

Early Intervention is important!

We can help any child age birth to 18 years. However, if you have any concerns regarding your child from birth to age 3, it is crucial to address them during this critical time in their development. Approximately 14% of all toddlers and preschoolers in the United States are classified as having a developmental delay. However, as many as 25% of children through the age of 5 are at risk for a developmental delay or disability that goes undiagnosed initially. Early identification allows us to provide more effective and affordable treatment during the preschool years, and can lessen the need for expensive on going services in later childhood. Most importantly, early intervention is preventative of secondary problems and further developmental delay which, left untreated, may otherwise result in even greater difficulties as they grow.

We can provide a FREE screening with a qualified therapist to answer your questions in person and discuss any concerns you may have.

Where we are located.

We proudly serve Northeast Oklahoma and are conveniently located just off Hwy 169 in the city of Owasso. For driving directions from your location, simply click on the Google Map links below.