Job Opportunities for you.

Everyday heros.

Caring Services for Children with Special Needs.

Job Opportunities for you.

Our Commitment.

We are a developing and open-minded company. We continue to build and maintain a mindful work environment where ideas are nourished and a work-life balance is achieved. We are excited about the goals we have achieved and look forward to reaching the milestones we continue to develop, but most importantly we are mindful of each and every present moment as it arrives and are thankful for the opportunity to share it with you.

Join Our T.E.A.M.

At Imagine, we believe it is good to achieve a balance between work and life. Likewise, the workplace should be something to look forward to and we achieve this with a focus on our T.E.A.M:
  • Togetherness. We believe in collaboration and our goal is to cultivate an environment where employees can shine no matter where they are on their individual journey. In fact, we consider each other’s differences in background an asset and welcome every person with a capacity for compassion and respect. These traits, combined with striving to live by four simple agreements, is what creates our culture of togetherness. 1. Be Impeccable with Your Words, 2. Do not take things Personally, 3. Don’t Make Assumptions, and 4. Do your best.
  • Efficiency. To achieve our purpose, the company must be profitable. We do not exist to maximize profit, but rather to achieve a balance of productivity through efficiency. Being efficient is a natural bi-product of enthusiasm, and so we expect and appreciate a go-getter attitude. We also invest in workflow and technology to keep the main thing the main thing, which is allowing our Therapists to focus on therapeutic outcomes.
  • Attitude. We look for great employees who are not just passionate about changing lives but also understand how important their role is in building a great company. We understand that every kid in the building is our kid and ensure that we credit our success to the team when things go right, and support one another through genuine growth when things go wrong. We understand that taking our jobs seriously is critical, but we do so with great humility and do not take ourselves seriously. In fact, we value silliness and a light-hearted approach. In fact, you may even earn a golden plunger award at Imagine.
  • Maturation. We look for employees who welcome mistakes and look forward to learning from them. Our success is dependent on valuing a growth mindset. We are students first, experts last and always ask for help. It is the maturation process within our team that leads to achieving the highest quality clinical outcomes.

Our Benefits.

We currently offer above average wages at all positions. Our benefits package includes:
  • Every weekend is a 3 day weekend!
  • Consistent and fair pay not tied to productivity or patient attendance
  • Generously sized and fun work environment supplied with everything you need
  • Paid Time Off
  • Employer Contributions to Medical, Dental, and Vision plans
  • Paid Liability Insurance
  • 401k
  • Continuing Education Reimbursment
  • Professional / Personal Training